Bosch Pro Series Tritech Detector

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Bosch Professional Series TriTech Detector

BUY 2 OR MORE & GET 15% OFF *18m x 25m Coverage, field selectable to 8m x 10m *EN50131-2-4 Grade 2 Compliant *Sensor data fusion technology *Tri-focus optics technology *Range Adaptive radar *Microwave Anti-mask *Active white light suppression *Dynamic temperature compensation *Remote walk test *Alarm memory The Sealed optic chamber provides immunity to drafts and insects, reducing false alarms. Small animal immunity reduces false alarms caused by animals less than 4.5kg such as rodents. Ideal for Garages/sheds, Old warehouses with broken glass windows etc. Dimensions: 136mm x 69mm x 58mm

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  • Model: TS25758

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