Bosch 16Plus Kit with Quad Detectors

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Bosch Solution 16Plus Panel Kit includes;

303000 - Solution 16 Plus Control panel in metal box
105608 - 3x Bosch Blue Line Gen2 Quad* (11m x 11m coverage)
311300 - Solution 64/16 Codepad (White)
800102 - K0007 STND Accessory Kit includes; Internal Siren, External Siren/strobe, 12V 7Amp/hr Backup Battery and 16VAC 2Amp/hr Power Supply

The Bosch Solution 16plus features include:

16 wired or wireless zones for security devices such as motion sensors, door and window contacts, smoke detectors etc.
Easy to read code pad
Easy text menu control
ON & PART arming modes
Partitioning to multiple areas eg. upstairs, downstairs, garage, granny flat, garden shed etc.
System indicators - AC fail & system troubles
Chime feature on user selectable zones
Remote arming via the telephone
Walk test mode
Alarm memory recall
Code pad panic and duress
2 Entry Timers

* The Blue Line Gen2 Quad PIR Detector (ISC-BPQ2‑W12) uses two individual sensors that operate like two PIRs in one detector. Each sensor processes signals separately. Both must activate to generate an alarm signal. This improves false alarm immunity relative to a standard PIR, because false alarm sources such as noise spikes and small animals are ignored. Quad detectors also provide superior catch performance versus a standard PIR or dual-technology detector. They are particularly well suited for challenging installation situations; for example, cases where cross catch of intruders cannot be guaranteed or where intruders are able to cross the detection pattern very quickly.

Solution 64/16 Codepad (White)

Built in Proximity Reader
Large Built in Graphical LCD display
Alpha numeric text prompting/programming
Up to 4 lines of 20 characters and 17 icons
Terminal block connections
Dedicted on, off and part keys
Adjustable volume, backlight and contrast
clock and temperature display

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