Alarm Resistor Service kit

Retail Price: $99.95

Alarm Service Resistor Kit includes;
We have selected a few different types of Resistors & other little things you may need but don't want to buy by the 100's.

100 x 1K Resistor
100 x 2.2K
100 x 3.3K
100 x 5.6K
100 x 6.8K
100 x 10K
50 x Diodes
5 x Buzzers 12VDC
2.4m x Heat Shrink
5 x Flashing LED 12VDC
50 x Crimp Joiners
50 x Scotch Locks
30 x 2 Way Terminal Blocks
20 x 3 Way Terminal Blocks

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  • Model: TS1502