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Security FAQ

Can I get my alarm notifications on my phone?

Yes, with the Hills ComNav

it is a remote access integration module for the Hills Reliance security alarm system. It allows you to easily access your security alarm system via telephone or internet anywhere in the world. Ever worry that you forgot to turn on your security system. with the Hills ComNav you can easily phone your security system to check it’s status and remotely turn it on or off.

Compatiable with Hills Alarms Systems

Hills Comnav S2096A

CCTV Cameras

Can I view my cameras from my phone?


Are 2MP cameras any good?

For general surveillance, yes they are good enough. You will be able to see car number plates and people’s faces

A 2MP camera resolution will display a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is Full HD

How much better is a 8MP camera?

The Resolution of a 8MP camera is 4K, the image is very clear

What is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

A DVR records video from digital or analog cameras and stores it on a physical hard drive. 

The Cameras are plugged into a DVR and Footage can be reviewed by connecting a monitor to the DVR

Analog vs digital cameras

Digital cameras perform significally better in every aspect compared to their outdated analog counterpart

With digital cameras your image will be sharper, have more clarity and record at much higher resolution


Features of the XR Pro

Is The Hills XR Pro Worth the upgrade?

The Reliance XRpro has been designed to be compatible with existing Reliance equipment which makes for ease of install when upgrading. It is NBN ready with built in IP communication. Extend the programming and interactive capabilities of Reliance series security systems with the UltraSync+ mobile application. The UltraSync+ app enables smart control of Reliance products in real time from any location using cloud-based technology.

With advanced features, industry leading functionality and user-friendly operation, the Reliance series of products delivers, cost effective security. Adaptable to a variety of applications from residential to commercial, the Reliance range offers end users an easy to manage system that can be expanded and customised with a range of accessories. Applications include residential, multi-storey, education, retail, government, aged care and warehousing.

Yes, its worth the upgrade the XR Pro has a lot of modern features and out performs the previous NX Reliance system, it’s the “One stop shop of boards”


  • 16 on board zones (8 with zone-doubling enabled)
  • Expandable to a maximum 176 zones (combination of hardwired and/or wireless)
  • 8 individual areas/partitions
  • Up to 256 user PIN codes (4 digit)
  • Maximum 24 codepads
  • Onboard IP Reporting/LAN
  • Onboard Wireless Receiver
  • Cellular Radio (3G+4G)
  • Smart App Support

Reliance XRpro Kit with XR Touch

The differences all the Alarm cables

Figure 8 Cable

It is a mulitple Strand Cable, The more strands can carry more current if needed

Cables available:

24 strand (used for Example: Speakers)

42 strand

84 strands

Two Core Speaker Cable 64/020

suitable for cabling speakers

Four Core Speaker Cable

Suitable for cabling speakers and subs

RG59 Coaxial Copper

Used for Analog or TPI video

The Cable has a Copper steath around a insulator and a copper centre

RG6 Coaxial Copper

Used for paid TV Example: Foxel

The Rg6 has a Steel centre that is surrounded by copper and has 4 layers of foil screening on it


CAT5e can carry data around 90 meters

(CAT5e is not suitable to use for a security system)


CAT6 Cable carry more data at once compared to CAT5e and carry the data around 140 meters

(CAT6 is not suitable to use for a security system)

4 Core 14/020

4 core Security cable is a multiple strand cable used for wiring Alarm systems

6 Core 14/020

6 core Security cable is a multiple strand cable allowing you to wire up Example: sirens, PIRs, keyboard and anything on a security system

Wired vs Wireless Alarm systems

Hard wired Alarm systems are more reliable than wireless systems,

We mainly sell hard wired Alarm systems as reliability is an important factor when it comes to keeping your home safe, however we do sell quality wireless systems if needed

How long should an alarm battery last?

A Standard 7AH Alarm battery will last around 3 Years

To ensure your Alarm System’s reliability it is best to replace it on the 3 Year mark

Power-Sonic 12V 7Ah Battery

Can I use my Alarm remote to open my garage doors?

Yes, with most Hills alarm system but only if the garage door is remote compatiable 

Can I use my Alarm system via remote?
Can I add a Hills Comnav to my existing Hills Alarm?

Yes, if the Alarm model is less than 20 years

Will my pet set off my Alarm?

Yes, but with pet friendly detectors your pets won’t set off the alarm

check out Pet friendly detectors


If I lose power will my alarm system still work?

Yes, your alarm system battery will ensure your alarm is working at all times

How much does monitoring cost for your home?

Coming soon!

What the best way to prevent a break in?

Having an functional Alarm system, CCTV Cameras, a well lit up home at night time and a fenced off front yard.

Bright lighting and visable CCTV Cameras will deter some trespassers 

Has the Hills 1600 Vacuum system been discontinued?

Yes, and all of the accessories such as the replacement 1600 buckets

Do we sell Ducted vacuums and spare parts?

Yes, we do

We sell Ducted vacuum power units, Accessories, Vacpans, piping, Vacuum filters, Hose socks,a big range of cleaning brushes and more

Are Security warning stickers effective?

Yes, They stand out when placed on windows. They clearly state that theres CCTV cameras recording in that area and the property has a 24 hour alarm system

Video Warning Label Red & White, Pack of 5

Video Warning Label Blue & White, Pack of 5


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