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Bosch Solution Ultima 880 Alarm Panel kit includes

301497 - Panel with Dialler
128358 - 3 x Bosch Blue Line Gen 2 Tritech Motion Detectors* (Pet Immune - cat or small dog up to 45KG)
311090 - 8 Zone LCD Codepad (white)
800102- Accessory Kit includes; internal siren, external siren/strobe, 12V 7Amp/hr battery & 16VAC Plug Pack

Bosch Solution Ultima Kit Features are:

8 fully programmable hard wired zones for security devices such as motion sensors, door and window contacts, smoke detectors etc.
or 16 Wirless devies
16 User Codes-8 keypad PIN's, 8 RF codes
Partitonable to 2 seperate area's (suitable for Night arming)
Stay/ Away arming options
Entry and exit warnings
Automatic arming
Remote arming via telphone
LED and LCD Icon key pad support
Supports Night arm keypad (optional)
System indicators - AC fail & system troubles
Walk test mode
Programmable outputs 5
Day Alarm
AC Fail supervision.
Phone line supervision
2 Entry Timers
Can be connected back to base for monitoring
Can be connected to a PSTN phone line to for domestic dialling (no SMS feature.

* The Blue Line Gen2 TriTech Motion Detectors (ISC-BDL2) use a combination of passive infrared (PIR) and microwave detection technologies with advanced signal processing. The pet‑friendly (‑WP) models generate alarms for human intruders without generating false alarms for pets. These small unobtrusive detectors are simple to install and do not need field adjustments.


Pet‑friendly Selectable model available � optimize installation for pet (45 kg [100 lb]) and non‑pet applications
Dynamic Temperature Compensation � superior catch performance in any environment
Microwave Noise Adaptive processing � reduce false alarms from repetitive sources
Wall to Wall Coverage � superior catch performance
Flexible Mounting Height, No Adjustments � reduce installation time and false alarms, improve catch performance

8 Zone LCD Codepad (white)

single key arming of alarm system
Fire,medical and panic alarms
Easy to use
White Backlight illuminates keys during day or night

  • Model: 812203