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Solution Ultima 880 Kit w/ W/L Tritech
Bosch Solution Ultima 880 Kit includes;

�301497 - Panel with Dialler
�311090 - 8 Zone LCD Codepad (White)
�512135 - 3x Bosch RF Tritech Motion Detector*
�512125 - Streamline Receiver - 433MHz
�512130 - 2x 4 Button Keyfob Transmitter - 433MHz
�800102 - K0007 STND Accessory Kit includes; Internal Siren, External Siren/Strobe, 12V 7Amp/hr Battery, 16VAC Plug Pack

*Wireless Tritech motion detector features

�11m x 11m (35 ft by 35 ft) coverage
�Up to 45Kg (100 lb.) Pet Immunity
�Flexible Mounting Height
�Compatible with Bosch premises wireless systems
�Draft and Insect immune
The RF Wireless TriTech PIR Detectors use artificial intelligence to detect motion and provide immunity to false alarms caused by pets or animals. An integral RF transmitter reports low battery and tamper status, and sends a supervisory signal to the control panel.

8 Zone LCD Codepad (White)

�Single key arming of alarm system
�Fire, medical and panic alarms
�Easy to use
�White backlight illuminates keys during day or night

2x 4 Button Keyfob Transmitter Features:

�Works with any wireless receiver
�Uniquely coded arm and disarm buttons
�Panic alarm
�LED indicator
�Programmable option buttons
�to program new keyfob remotes you will require the installer manual from the company.


�16 fully programmable zones. ( 8 wired 8 RF or 16 RF zones)0
�16 codes - 8 key pad PINs, 8 RF Codes
�16 Wireless Devices
�Partitionable to 2 separate areas
�STAY / AWAY arming options
�Selectable reports per user code
�Entry and exit warning
�Automatic arming
�Remote arming via telephone
�Zone lockout
�40 Event history memory
�LED and LCD ICON keypad support
�Programmable outputs
�Dynamic battery test
�Day alarm
�Walk test mode
�Back to base reporting
�Domestic reporting
�5 Programmable outputs
�Dual Entry Timers
�AC Fail Supervision
�Phone Line Supervision

  • Model: 812304