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ComNav Installation Manual

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ComNav Installation Manual

The Hills ComNav is an intuitive interface module that may be added to your Hills Reliance security system. It allows authorised users to remotely access and control the security system. Access to the ComNav can be via any off site touch-tone telephone, web browser or locally via WiFi using a powerful iPhone application.

When accessing the ComNav via a touch-tone phone, the inbuilt PVG (Personal Voice Guide) offers users a friendly, easy to operate interface to their security system. The PVG allows new users to access the full power of their Hills Reliance security system without having to constantly refer to this manual. You can dial in and check the status of your security system, change a users pin number, enter a new alarm phone number or simply arm your system with easy to follow voice promts.

Plain English alarm / system messages can be sent to up to three different phone numbers. Messages can also be sent to three different numbers via SMS or Email.

Authorised users may customise voice recordings for user names, zone names, area names, room names, output names and system names. These recordings offer a level of system customisation usually reserved for more elaborate installations. The ComNav can also store (and forward to VoiceNav code pads) exit and entry messages. These messages can be left for other users of the security system.

ComNavs built in web server allows users to arm / disarm individual areas, check system status, enable / disable user codes, modify Email accounts and SMS / Voice phone numbers from any standard web browser.

Advanced intercom features are also incorporated within the ComNav. Imagine a visitor to your home pressing the button at your front door intercom, and then being able to talk to you on your mobile phone anywhere in the world. Maybe it’s a courier delivering a parcel? You may wish to open the garage door and allow them to drop the parcel inside.

Source: Hill ComNav Installation Manual V1.3